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"Man can you draw"- quote of Clement Greenberg



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Welcome to my online catalog.
Carol Sutton is an award winning artist, whose new paintings are born out of a love of Manet's art, and look like what Roy Orbison's music sounds like. You will see her Spirit Balcony images and her stunning photographs of Blank Photo .Sutton's art has extraordinary diversity and originality while it obtains both depth of feeling & beauty. Groups span wide subjects & include: early prints, sculpture, performance sculpture for music, painting, paper colleges, a large paper oeuvre. Currently creating Rome fresco inspired images.  Projects underway are Gustave Calliebotte & Garden Plans.  Carol Sutton's artwork is represented in many public and private international contemporary art collections including: Smithsonian American Art Museum,The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Mass. Quality does not lieImagesTextRecent