Carol Sutton Bibliography

William L. Tazewell, Paintings Show Best in Water, (fifth annual Sears-Allstate Art Show)The Virginian-Pilot, Saturday, May 11, 1963,"Among the junior artists, Carol Sutton's "Pickin' Fruit" has a captivating freshness."(Joe Delulio, painter-policeman in this show.) ["William L. Tazewell (lst cousin to TAZEWELL, Calvert Walke, 1935-1994), writer, author, journalist, teacher, recipient of First Citizen of Arts Award, married to well-known author, Mary Lee Settle"-]
Anon {the most famous writer who ever lived- joke by C.L.S}, 100 Paintings Ready for Art Festival, (photo)(fifth annual Sears-Allstate Art Show)The Virginian-Pilot, May 7?, 1963-about show
Anonymous, 5th Festival Prizes Go to 12 Artists, (fifth annual Sears-Allstate Art Show)The Virginian-Pilot, Saturday, May 11 or 12?, 1963,"Other first place winners in the two-day exhibit,which drew a record of more than 700 entries, were Ralph Roebuck Jr., watercolor; Beverly Furman, graphics and Carol Lorraine Sutton, junior artist division."Judges were Robert McCullough of Chicago, graphics editor of Home and Highway Magazine, local artist Robert Trotter and Henry B. Caldwell, director of the Norfolk Museum (now Chrysler Museum,
Author ?, Art Show Spectators Set Record,(photo of Mrs. Nethersole with winning oil "Danish Cliffs") (fifth annual Sears-Allstate Art Show)The Virginian-Pilot, Saturday, May 12, 1963,"Other first place awards went to , Carol Lorraine Sutton, 1534 Cloncurry Road, for her collage "Pensive Youth", in the junior section." Won blue ribbon and $25.00 for this prize.
The Virginian-Pilot Newspaper gif, virginian_pilot.gif
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F.D. Cossitt, noted art critic, sculptor and art historian, became museum curator of The Walter Dcecil Rawls Library and Museum in Courtland VA 23837. More at:

'IMAGE magazine -a journal of creative ideas', circa 1966 ?, published by the Student Government Association of the Richmond Professional Institution, 901 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia. {An illustration in black and white of painting of a woman's head by Carol Sutton-Martin; size of the original artwork: 6' x 6' or ? 5' x 5'; The large painting since destroyed by the artist in 1967 or 1968; some regret here..I still have the smaller source original paper artwork.}

Carol Sutton-Martin, The Artist As A Young Woman-Picabia, Title Page -The Artist as a Young Woman, (portfolio) 1967, A portfolio of 14 hand printed color silkscreen prints and 2 offset lithography text prints; for a total of 16 prints, new3.gif
LISTING:Carol Sutton Martin, PLATE # 1 offset lithography*, collection: Smithsonian American Art Museum 1968.144.15A, Currently on view, web;, 1968.144.15A_1b.jpg, - 1968.144.15A_1d.jpg, Carol Sutton-Martin, The Artist As A Young Woman-Picabia, Title Page  1967
& LISTING LINK TO SAAM (Smithsonian American Art Museum ) PLATE #2, the text by Carol Sutton. handwritten by Carol Sutton-Martin. Keywords: graphic art, print (
SEE: weblink: Carol Sutton Martin (Carol Sutton) - SAAM,Smithsonian American Art Museum (The Artist as a Young Woman, portfolio): dark green frog leg with red edge and medium green oval: 1967: Carol Sutton Martin: color serigraph: 20 x 20 in. carol_sutton_martin_saam.html
Smithsonian American Museum of Art, (or SAAM), new3.gifBiography lists of Artists lists Carol Sutton, under the letter 'M' for Carol Sutton Martin.
Carol Sutton
Born: 1945, Norfolk, Virginia
Also Known as: Carol Sutton Martin
Also Active in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Carol Sutton Martin , by her , Published 1969, Title: Four Three Dimensional Works Executed in Two Or More Opposing Materials, Thesis (M.F.A.)--University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1969. LINK: google booksnew3.gif
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Frances K. Smith & Carol Sutton: A two page article on "Painting Now", Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1977; with the painting "Gingersnap", 1977 illustrated in black and white ( Also in this show as the painting:"Pine's Pride", 1976) . Also known as: AEAC, Kingston's new and largest Art Gallery and Museum,
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[Illustration on right is of Carol Sutton exhibition in Salander/O'Reilly Gallery, New York City, 1979. Unknown gentleman with cup in his hand on the left. Larry Salander facing out. Bill O'Reilly with back to camera. Two paintings from the 'Fan Series' by Carol Sutton.]

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LINK - Kenworth Moffett:; author , critic, Moffett's Artletter :
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LINK: google books- James Clark The Problem of Fundamental Ontology, Volume III: new3.gif,&dq=James+Clark+The+Problem+of+Fundamental+Ontology,&lr=&source=gbs_book_other_versions_r&cad=1_1&pgis=1

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House and Garden, British Edition, cover color illustrated painting 'Gemini' by artist Carol Sutton; - page 9, June 1983, Volume 38, No. 6, no credit given (Photography of magazine cover and painting) new3.gif

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November 1983 [The Water Spiral Series, full essay by Bannard online] (with illustrated text; on Sutton's site)
Walter Darby Bannard link to Catalog essay -Carol Sutton's New Paintings (1983)-(with NO illustrated text; on Bannard's site. Darby Bannard, Rocky Hill, N.J,.October 16, 1983) for the exhibition at Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, November 19 - December 8, 1983:

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See related page with painting titled 'Emma Lake', done by Carol Sutton at Emma Lake Artist Workshop 1977 & poster & links: Carol Sutton - Workshops - Emma Lake - 1977:

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Sutton, Carol, Garment Based Works: The Canadian Aprons Series, the Spanish Capes, in DELUXE EDITION. Published June 1995, by Editions Carol Sutton, ISBN 0969976704
Deluxe Version description- A limited edition of 17 books that are signed & numbered by the artist Carol Sutton, each Deluxe book includes 23 color plates, with full page color canon laser copies of paintings of Spanish Capes and an original painting by the artist, of a Spanish Cape on the verso, which is unattached and therefore suitable for framing, or it may be kept with the book, as it is wrapped around with clear mylar.
This book is on Legal Deposit in the National Library of Canada's Acquisitions and Bibliographic Services and is in the Rare Book Room. Price: $500. Sold Out.

Sutton, Carol, CAROL SUTTON - GARMENT BASED WORKS, THE CANADIAN APRON SERIES, THE SPANISH CAPE SERIES, & THE EARRING SERIES, in std.book_sutton.gbw_tiny.jpg,CAROL SUTTON - GARMENT BASED WORKS. standard book,ISBN 0-969976712STANDARD EDITION, ISBN 0-969976712; Published 1995, by Editions Carol Sutton. Standard Version description- 4 color plates along with all 67 plates of the paintings, no original, multitude of illustrations. Contains all 12 chapters. Includes extensive provenance of the art work of Carol Sutton, full resume, 2 interview essays, History & list of Garment Based Works. Original postcard on cover. 1 & 1/2" thick. This book is on Legal Deposit in the National Library of Canada's Acquisitions and Bibliographic Services and is in the Rare Book Room. Sold Out. std_rear_bookgarment_sutton.jpg, garment based works, author: Carol Sutton:SBN 0-969976712, CAROL SUTTON - GARMENT BASED WORKS,ISBN 0-969976720- Sutton, Carol, CAROL SUTTON - GARMENT BASED WORKS, THE CANADIAN APRON SERIES, THE SPANISH CAPE SERIES, & THE EARRING SERIES,in CATALOGUE EDITION, ISBN 0-969976720. Published 1995, by Editions Carol Sutton. Catalogue Version description- Contains all 67 plates of the paintings with the verso information shown on the rear of the art reproduction page, a price list of show, & brief resume. 2 color plates. A Xerox copy book, metal- wire spiral binding. the book is 11 x 8 1/2" x 3/4 " thick. This book is on Legal Deposit in the National Library of Canada's Acquisitions and Bibliographic Services and is in the Rare Book Room.

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Important sculptors like Larry Bell, Robert Hudson, Beverly Pepper, Peter Reginato, Ann Truitt, Alexander Liberman, Christopher Wilmarth, Michael Steiner, Robert Murray, Robert Grosvenor, Stephen Antonakas, Willard Boepple, James Wolfe, Guy Dill, Forrest Myers, Peter Forakis, Mel Kendrik, Sylvia Stone, Michael Todd, Joel Perlman, Ronald Bladen, Isaac Witkin, and dozens of others are missing.
New York Art World ® Art Reviews; Click on the corresponding image to read the Art Review
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Ronnie Landfield: The Whitney Ends the American Century -Part I I
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Christiane Becker - ABSTRACTION - A Curator's Choice, Art Gallery of Algoma, .'Becker arrived at a list of five abstract painters: Joseph Drapell; Harold Feist; Paul Fournier; Carol Sutton; and, Jean McEwen. All five artists work in a style in which painting is reduced to a structure of colour and where quality lies in the sense of unity between form and colour. '
December 16 1999 ~ January 22, 2000,

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Quote: "SUTTON, Ms. Carol {Carol Sutton-Martin}; 1969 MFA: Profn. Artist/Photographer, Carol Sutton Fine Art, 27 Davies Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada, M4M 2A9, 416-469-2189. r. same/ Andre Fauteux; Viva-Laura, Yale." end quote from page 1182.
[Note: My previous married name, Sutton-Martin, is what I exhibited under at that time, when I was married to Dennis Stillwell Martin. Also exhibited as Carol Martin. ]

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global_logo_new_getty.gif, Getty Museum logo

Sutton, Carol Lorraine (American painter in Canada, born 1945)

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Charles, Alexa, 'A Gift of Self', photo of Carol Sutton at Joel Weeks Parkette, by Beau Callaghan. etc. . . news, March 18, 2004, an article about Sutton's volunteer gardening for over 24 years in the South Riverdale community Joel Weeks Parkette. Page 15.
A related story appears on May 3, 2004, {the day before Carol's deputation at City Hall} by Star columnist Joe Fiorito. Sutton's effort to save the green space and place of Joel Weeks Parkette and The Thompson Street Parkette, plus the heritage trees of Don Mount Court is happening at the same time. Two deputations given towards this effort by Carol Sutton at Toronto South Community Council. Carol Sutton became the business liaison officer for the 18 + businesses on Davies Avenue, Matilda Street, and Carroll Street, near the Queen East / King Street Bridge; flanking The Don River, and next to The Joel Weeks Parkette.

Fiorito, Joe. Newspaper PRESS: THE TORONTO STAR, GTA SECTION,Metro Diary
2004-05-03  Home is where the parkette is, but for how much longer? (article post:
Fiorito, Joe. Newspaper PRESS: THE TORONTO STAR, GTA SECTION, Metro Diary
Oct. 21, 2005 With a little pluck, gardener gets her irises back (article post:

Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (Editor), Inc. - 2005 -The Artists Bluebook- 34,000 North American Artists to March 2005 -479 Pages, no color.
blogspot_orange_symbol.jpgBLOG: Re: Visionist History...12 August 2007, The New Historical Pantheon by Terry Fenton
By MC for studiosavant - Found on 08/12/2007
Hide, Doug Haynes, Larry Zox, Terrence Keller, Kikuo Saito, John Griefen, Paul Fournier, James Wolfe, John McLean, Carol Sutton, Alan Reynolds?

 Roald Nasgaard, Book Title: Abstract Painting In Canada,Douglas & McIntyre, ISBN: 978-1-55365-226-7,September 2007, new3.gifAuthor: Roald Nasgaard, Book Title: Abstract Painting In Canada, (paperback now) Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre, ISBN: 978-1-55365-226-7, cloth, 432 pages and 200 color reproductions.
Quote: "In the tradition of the distinguished Douglas & McIntyre art program, this lavishly illustrated and superbly printed book is a rich, readable history of abstract painting in Canada and its extraordinary impact on our country's culture."
The painting by Carol Sutton, from The Fan Series, titled: "Chesapeake", is illustrated in this book on page 262; with text on 124, 261, 262.

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Ryan McCourt; Rob Willms; Andy French - Re: studiosavant: Seeing True Modernism
21 Mar 2008 by ahab 
... Feist, Perehudoff, Reynolds, Haynes, Bush, Phil Darrah, Terrence Keller, Bob Scott, Bob Christie, David Bolduc, Joseph Drapell, Paul Fournier, Dan Solomon, Carol Sutton, Doug Bentham, Catherine Burgess, Ken Macklin, Mitch Smith, ... " triumph" and "groove". at the moment i am sitting 5 feet from "groove" in my office. i have an apartment turnkey business in atlanta, and every 2 weeks the painters (all from mexico, central and south america) come in for pay day and half ...
studiosavant - 
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13 Jul 2009 by Franklin Einspruch 
Monday 13 July 2009 7:55 pm. Fulbright? Well, I guess dough is dough, but I hope you're more responsible with it than he was. All the best in the endeavors. Man, are we taking different roads! You're a pro and an amateur. Quote : " JOHN #4 ,Sunday 19 July 2009 12:07 pm.... Carol Sutton, however, did provide a moment of light when she asked "How come pluralism was so exciting in the 60s and now it is so dull?" No one responded. Guess they were not concerned about much except getting into dumb shows." End quote. - - &

Loren R. Lerner, Mary F. Williamson, Art and Architecture in Canada: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature , Volume 1 of Art and architecture in Canada: a bibliography and guide to the literature to 1981; ISBN 0-8020-5856-6; new3.gif
Publisher:University of Toronto Press, 1991, Ontario, ISBN 0802058566, 9780802058560; Length 1557 pages
Quote: "The 9555 entries in Volume I cover painting, sculpture, graphics arts, photography, decorative arts and fine crafts, architecture, Indian and Inuit arts, and related areas such as art education, arts policy, and collecting. The entries are presented chronologically under a series of topics and geographical designations. The work is bilingual; each bibliographic citation is followed by a descriptive annotation in the language of the original publication."
page 80:--Quote: The Painters; Symposium, Kingston, Ontario, 1977 consisted of two parts: Terry Fenton gave an address on "New Canadian Painting" and a following panel discussion:"An Carol Sutton on weather or not Canadian painting had reached an impasse. Comments ranged from the role of art historians (Curnoe), to the notion of Quality (Sutton), imagery and verbiage (Fisher), and painting to define the nature of painting (Molinari)." - Speakers and panelists included Terry Fenton, Guido Molinari, Claude Breeze, Greg Curnoe, Brian Fisher, Carol Sutton. End quote.

Evelyn de Rostaing McMann - Reference -Biographical index of artists in Canada - Page 227 2003 - 250 pages -"painter: SUTTON, Carol Lorraine; born Norfolk, Virginia. (1945)new3.gif

Lee Nordness - The Council House: the international conference center of S.C. Johnson and ...?- History -Publisher
Perimeter Press, 1980 -Original from the University of Michigan 230 pages
"CAROL SUTTON , Canadian painter (1945- ) (opposite page, ... A color field painter, her work is characterized by a blend of toughness and fragility. "

Lawrence L. Saporta, Bryn Mawr College. History of Art- book: Velazquez: The Spanish style and the art of devotion - Page 90: Quote: "One attempt to do so with this material recieves interesting, if somewhat erratic, treatment at he website of artist Carol Sutton: 08/01/08" [Velazquez - The Surrender of Breda- lead page by Carol Sutton] via Web:

Alastair Brown, filmmaker and author: living artist Carol Sutton on WIKIPEDIA -
Canadian Painters: General Books LLC, 2010 - 1158 pages - ISBN - 1157083714, 9781157083719; "Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 275. Chapters: Brion Gysin, Paul Kane, Earl W. Bascom, Guity Novin, Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, Emily Carr, Christian Cardell Corbet, Carl Beam, Carol Sutton, Gershon Iskowitz, Norval Morrisseau" - via google books.- web: - available via amazon.canew3.gif

Ian McFadyen - Carol Sutton - artist bio, 2013 -  new3.gif

+ Spanish Press about Carol Sutton

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