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8 -- Peace - includes a special 4 page subset on Picasso and his birds

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?1. pice.gif, peace symbol,animated gif, d What figures or monuments jointly represent spiritual force, symbols of peace, and religion?

The Answer is:

?2. pice.gif, peace symbol,animated gif, d

What Italian artist used swaddled babies in ceramic wreath tondos as the subject of his art?

The Answer is:

?3.pice.gif, peace symbol,animated gif, d What French artist used a image of a lion watching over a sleeping man as act of giving peace?

The Answer is:

?4. pice.gif, peace symbol,animated gif, d Match a well known shape or symbol for peace with it's artist.

Which match of artist and symbol best fits the symbol used by the World Peace Conference held in 1951 ? (Hint: Later the symbol flew into global use.)

The Answer is:

?5.pice.gif, peace symbol,animated gif, d Architecture + Peace.

Which of the following architects designed a symbolic building, The Tower of Peace, for UNESCO,in Paris, France?
The Answer is:


1. Which Canadian woman painter lived in British Columbia and painted nature full of peace, spirit and passion? An example is 'Fir Tree and Sky', c. 1935.

2. What famous painting by George Pierre Seurat (1884-1886 ) depicted families enjoying urban peace in Paris?

note on lead illustration : buddha image from Hong Kong. Image from Aztech New Media 'World Photo' CD, disk 4, altered in Photoshop and with Painter by Carol Sutton.

TOO611.jpg, Gandhi Mohnadu Karanchand, jpgGandhi seeking peace [Gandhi, Mohandus Karamchand 1869-1948]

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